tastelife is a Christian-based charity that aims to help people break free from eating disorders.

Eating is a key element in everyone’s life. It helps us keep healthy in body, mind and spirit, while playing an important role in social interaction. Eating should be pleasurable and problem free.

Sadly, for an ever-increasing number of people, this is not the case. An estimated 4 million people in the UK have life-controlling food related problems. Limited NHS mental health services mean there is currently very little support available to help those with eating disorders.

To fill this gap, tastelifeuk provides vital help for recovery through a unique 8-session community course for sufferers and their friends or family.

The tastelife course is fully accredited by the University of Brighton Health Sciences. It offers teaching, discussion, stories of recovery, and tools for life. It is based on Christian values but suitable for those of all faiths or none, with an optional Church Supplement. It is for all ages, and genders. Wherever the course is run there is great feedback from sufferers and carers about the ways it has helped.

The next opportunity to train to run the tastelife course is on October 19 - 21 October 2018 in Sheffield at the Hilton Hotel.

Tastelife Course Training