‘Psychotherapy, psychoeducation and neuroscience’

Trainer: Linda Hill BA (Hons), 2000; Dip Couns, 1997; Dip Supervision & Mentoring, 2003; EMDR Accred Practitioner, 2004; EMDR Accred consultant, 2006

Talking about trauma retraumatises when people are not resourced enough to orient towards the pain of what has happened to them without reliving it. When this happens their nervous system is reacting as it did at the time of the original trauma and nothing changes. When people can orient towards what has happened to them whilst enabling their nervous system to react differently then their history can be processed so that it is not relived in the present. When therapists invite people to talk about what has happened to them without enabling them to be sufficiently resourced they are in danger of not only achieving nothing useful but potentially making things worse.

This training will look at how to explain to clients the way in which the brain and the body remember trauma and why there is a need for resourcing work. It will offer a range of ways in which to do resourcing work, that therapists can build on in their own practice. It will encompass cognitive, emotional, somatic and spiritual resourcing.

Linda Hill originally trained as a therapist with the Pastoral Foundation in Edinburgh in 1994/5. As the Manager and Lead Therapist at Yorkhill Family Bereavement Service (working with anyone affected by the death of a child) she became aware that talking therapy was making some of her clients feel worse.

She trained in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) in 2000 and thus began a journey which has included Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Brainspotting, Sand Tray Therapy, Lifespan Integration, CRM (the Comprehensive Resource Model of trauma therapy). She is a Senior Accredited Member of BACP and an EMDR Europe Accredited Consultant. She trained as a supervisor with the Iron Mill Institute in Devon in 2001/2. She has many years experience of working with Complex PTSD in a variety of settings. She supervises trauma work within part of the Scottish Prison system, within a residential hospital working with people with chemical dependencies, with people working with victims of torture and within the Scottish Rape Crisis network.

CPD certificates available.

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Trauma Training Day: Holy Rood House, Thirsk