For more information see Introduction to Safeguarding Training.


This course is for anyone holding PTO or who is a Reader Emeritus whose role does not meet the Leadership Pathway criterion. (Where individuals hold more than one role, or serve more than one Church body, they should train at the highest required level) Please note that due to the impact of Covid 19 this is currently being delivered on Zoom through a 3 hour session split into three 50 minute sections with breaks in between.

Basic Awareness and Foundation modules must have been completed before attending this module if this is more than 3 years ago, then it is recommended that these two pathways are redone, however, this is not mandatory.

The Learning Outcomes are as follows:

  • Connect the Church's mission and theological foundations with what good leadership behaviour looks like in a safeguarding context.
  • Evaluate aspects of their own practice and identify changes required which they then take forward with confidence.
  • Analyse what healthy Christian communities look like, how healthy communities keep people safe, and their role as leaders in shaping Christian communities that are healthy and safe.
  • Integrate their own faith, beliefs and values with those underpinning good safeguarding behaviours.

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