This weekend (11th-12th June), 16 deacons were ordained to serve as priests in the Diocese of York across 10 services. The Bishops of Whitby and Selby, and the Archbishop of York ordained candidates throughout the Diocese. For full information of the candidates and services, click here.

Bishop of Whitby, Paul Ferguson, who ordained six candidates during three services at Whitby, Yarm, and Northallerton, spoke about his joy in taking part in these services. Speaking to Mike Hill on BBC Radio Tees, Bishop Paul explained the important roles of the new priests:

“The Church is here to say “yes” to the one thing that’s constant and sure; the wonderful love of God that is bigger than anything we can imagine, and that we see in the face of Jesus.

“Priests are God’s gift to our communities, our hospitals, schools, colleges, and prisons. They aren’t ordained just for church-goers, but for everyone.”

The Revd Kate Brown, ordained at St Mary Magdalene, Yarm, also shared her reflections on her ordination:

“It’s just a wonderful feeling at the moment. Yesterday was a marvellous day, and today is just the start of a new section of our walk with Christ.”

The Revd Paul Burnett, a full-time firefighter, plans to carry on his non-stipendiary ministry alongside his employment. “I’ve been very, very blessed with the support, and [my managers and colleagues] have allowed me to do both."

Photos from the weekend's services can be found by clicking here. They may be used without further permission; if published please credit as listed in the photo albums.