Christ Church, Bridlington, will be holding a ‘Sponsored Squat’ on Monday, 3rd May, to celebrate and raise money for the ‘Toilet Twinning’ initiative, which will help a partner in a developing country build clean, safe toilets and taps.

A small team, including Multiply minister Reverend Oli Preston, as well as Emma Miles and David Hickman, will be seeing how many squat exercises they can do in two minutes. This challenge will be live-streamed on Facebook from Monday at 3pm, and all are invited to join in, either to raise money for Christ Church Bridlington, or to raise money to twin their own toilet.

Already, a substantial amount of money has been raised for Toilet Twinning, which came from a suggestion on how Christ Church could become an Eco Church as part of a scheme run by charity A Rocha. Church member Helen, and a selection of volunteers spent every day of lent doing a sponsored litter pick, raising over £500. This is enough to twin nine of the planned thirty one toilets and taps that reside within their church buildings in Bridlington – including one portable toilet outside St Magnus, Bessingby!

Helen says; “I have found this therapeutic and fulfilling. It has given me opportunities to talk to people. I would encourage others to do the same for their own well being and that of all the animals and our community.”

The Christ Church Network’s donation to Toilet Twinning will help give sustainable, reliable and affordable access to safe, clean water in some of the world’s poorest communities. Tearfund and Toilet-twinning also work closely with communities to promote good hygiene including hand-washing. This helps them protect themselves against the spread of infection – for any kind of communicable disease, not just in a pandemic.