Were you or members of your family or ancestors married, baptised or confirmed at Selby Abbey? If so the Abbey would love to hear from you. As part of Selby Abbey’s 950th-year celebrations, the search is on for photographs taken at weddings, baptisms or confirmation services in the Abbey over the years and these will be displayed in the Abbey.

Baptism and confirmation photographs (to be received by Easter Sunday, April 21st) will be displayed in the Abbey from 4th May to 18th May and there will be a special service on 5th May where people can renew their baptism/confirmation promises.

Wedding photographs (to be received by 31st July) will be displayed from August 10th to 24th and on August 10th there will be a special service where couples can renew their wedding vows.

With the permission of the people in the photograph or their descendants please send copies of photographs by e-mail to 950photos@gmail.com or bring the originals to the Abbey office where we will be happy to scan them and return the originals to you. Do include the names of the people in the photograph and the date of the event and the contact details of the person sending in the photograph.

The search is on for the oldest photographs and the most recent which will have a special pride of place in each exhibition.