Bishop Wilton Church of England Primary School achieves a 'Good' in their most recent Statutory Inspection of Anglican and Methodist Schools (SIAMS) report.

The school's Christian Vision, which aims for the pupils to be 'agents of change' within their local and global communities, is based on the teaching of Luke 2; 'the child Jesus grew and became strong; he was full of wisdom gaining favour with God and with people'. This vision is also applauded within the report for teaching the students 'how their actions make a difference to themselves and others'.

Despite the small size of the school, the report also comments on its deep roots within the local community, saying that it 'enriches the lives of families and children', as well as the 'courageous Christian leadership' within the school which encourages 'sustainable school improvement.'

The principal objective of the SIAMS inspection is to evaluate the distinctiveness and effectiveness of the school as a church school, and how well the distinctive Christian character and ethos of the school ensure the development and achievement of the whole child or young person.

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