The Revd Liz Carrington, one of the Chaplains at York Racecourse, tried out this alternative to an exercise bike at one of the summer 2018 meetings, provided by 'New Beginnings'

'New Beginnings' is a charity providing a safe supportive environment for former racehorses to adapt and learn new skills after they have finished their first career in racing. They are offered a “Life past the Post".

Liz explains, "Their exercise 'rocking horse' allows users to have the experience of riding short as the jockeys do with your knees almost up to your chin - or that's how it feels!"

York Racecourse Chaplaincy is a well-established ecumenical venture currently run by One Voice York.

Liz is one of a team of chaplains at York racecourse who attend all the race meetings from Spring to Autumn, with crowds from 16,000 to 35,000. Some of the chaplains work at other racecourses and at North Yorkshire stables and yards, and contribute to the daily life of the racing community.

At the end of the 2016 season, the CEO of the security company employing up to 180 on any one of York’s big race days, said of the Chaplaincy, “The work you do goes beyond God and religion”.