A Documentary about Hull's City of Culture year called 'A Northern Soul' will be broadcast this coming Sunday on BBC2 at 10.00pm. It is made through the lens of a poor, factory worker desperate to make a difference.

Matt Woodcock says, 'it is one of the most soulful, funny, heartbreaking and profound documentaries I've ever seen. I think it is full of rich, important lessons for the church, particularly with regards to people in poverty.'

The BBC writes, 'Director Sean McAllister returns to his hometown, Hull, as curator of its UK City of Culture opening. Back living with his 90-year-old parents and reflecting on changes to a city hit by cuts in public spending and divided by Brexit, Sean is drawn to the fringes of town where he encounters Steve - a struggling warehouse worker with a dream to take hip-hop to disadvantaged kids through his Beats Bus.'

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