Setting aside her roles as Lay Dean of Scarborough, Lay Member of the Church of England’s General Synod representing the Diocese of York and consequent membership of Diocesan Synod, the Diocesan Pastoral and Property Committees, the Diocesan Board of Finance and the Vacancy-in-See Committee, not to mention her work on the Deaneries Development Group and much, much more, Ros Brewer is still surprised to have been nominated to receive the Royal Maundy this year in recognition of her service to the church and community.

This year’s Royal Maundy service took place at St George’s Chapel, Windsor, and Ros travelled there with her official Companion for the day, her daughter-in-law.

This year the Red Purse contained a £5 coin commemorating the 200th anniversary of the birth of Queen Victoria (as it happens, Ros has served for many years on the Queen Victoria Clergy Fund) and a 50p coin portraying Sherlock Holmes (this sum of £5.50 is made up of £3.00 for clothing, £1.50 in lieu of provisions and £1.00 for the redemption of the Sovereign’s gown which, in Tudor times, would have been divided between the recipients).

The White Purse contains uniquely-minted Maundy Money; one, two, three and four silver pence pieces, the sum of which equals ninety three years of the Sovereign’s age.

“It was a joy and a privilege,” said Ros.

“The procession included the Yeomen of the Guards with the huge Alms Plate containing the purses, and the children chosen from local schools carrying Nosegays of scented flowers and herbs.

“Bishop John Inge, Lord High Almoner, handed the purses to Her Majesty who give them personally to each Recipient.

“I will certainly remember the wonderful smile she gave me.”