• Martin Williamson is a member of the Scarborough branch of Good News For Everyone! (formerly GideonsUK), covering an area that includes Scarborough, Malton, Pickering, Whitby and the Esk Valley, and he’s very keen to integrate with churches and people around our region, to promote and present the work of Good News For Everyone!

Martin writes:

The Bible is God’s Word that speaks into all our lives. It’s a book for all people, for all time. Yet millions have never even seen a Bible let alone have their own personal copy. As a non-denominational association, Good News For Everyone! work together with churches to share our faith and distribute free Bibles around the world. We want to give everyone the opportunity to discover God in a personal way. We distribute free Bibles to schools, colleges and universities each year, and share with them the benefit of reading the Bible as we do so. Our passion is to encourage individuals to meet God for themselves through the words of Scripture, so it’s exciting to give students their own personal copy of God’s Word.

We also distribute Bibles to those who work in the police, armed forces, ambulance and fire services. Perhaps we are best known for distributing Bibles in hotels, hospitals, prisons, colleges, universities, care homes and medical centres. Free Bible distribution has become a key to help others discover the truth and hope of God for themselves. Each year we distribute more than 800,000 Scriptures in the UK. We are as passionate as ever about sharing God’s message of hope and salvation. Our prayer is that all those who seek God will find Him.

Once the COVID-19 lockdown is lifted, and Christians are once again allowed to congregate together, we would be pleased to visit any churches interested in receiving a presentational overview of the good work being performed by Good News For Everyone! Our presentation also seeks to find anyone willing to commit some of their time to pray for the work of Good News For Everyone!, and in exchange for this support we would offer a leather-bound Gideon testament, and send regular news updates featuring personal testimonies of how the glorious word of God has transformed people’s lives through Gideon testament distributions.

In these uncertain times, let’s begin preparing for when the COVID 19 lockdown is lifted, if you would like us to come and share our good news with you and your church, just drop me an email at Good News For Everyone! and we can begin planning for future visits.

  • Martin will be able to pass your request on if you’re outside the area he covers.