Throughout Lent and Holy Week, one million people will visit A Church Near You. Many of these visitors will be looking for a service or event to attend during this season. Will they be able to find yours?

Log in to A Church Near You today and add yours. Remember to use the Tags, such as Ash Wednesday, Lent and even hot cross buns! Tags are the terms visitors can use to search for local services in their area. By ticking the relevant tags, you are ensuring your church will be displayed when people search for that type of service. Find out more about Tags on A Church Near You on our Editor Help Centre here.

Once you've added your services and events to the site, make sure you share them on your church's social media channels, using #LentPilgrim. Using this hashtag will ensure your post reaches more people, and it could also be shared from the national Church of England social media accounts.

Get some more help with promoting your events in our Labs Learning blog here. Labs Learning provides resources and advice on ACNY, websites, design, photography and social media strategy for those running social and web projects for their churches. Explore all of our Labs Learning blogs here.

If you need help with your A Church Near You page, get support here