Let's get creative!

Throughout 2017 churches in and around Hull have been contributing to Hull’s ‘City of Culture’ year in all sorts of ways. It has been a great way to share God’s love and the gospel in various different ways.

As the year draws near to its end, a new leaflet from the Diocesan Children and Youth Team, encourages children, families and church groups to try some artistic or creative activities together. As a starting point, the leaflet suggests 12 different activities that can be done on your own or as a group to ‘get a bit creative’ about our faith and worship. Words, pictures, actions, music, giving, stories, baking – it’s all in there. And when you’ve done one of the activities (or even the whole list if you can do it) we’d love you to show us what you’ve done. Use #faithcreativity on Instagram or Twitter to share.

There’s lots of reasons why it’s good to include more creative activities as part of our faith lives. Creative activities can help us to:

  • worship together on a ‘level playing field’ (or even put the ‘oldies’ on the back foot).
  • look at our faith from another perspective (taking the role of a character in a bible story can help us experience a whole new side to the story).
  • be more accessible for people who don’t usually come to church (look at the success of ‘Messy churches’).

Our human creativity is a gift from God that reflects the nature of the Creator – so let’s try and nurture and encourage this gift in each other as we try to communicate God’s story afresh to each new generation.

You can download and print your own copies of the leaflet below (colour or black and white), or contact Jon Steel if you would like a large number of printed copies to give out to a group or congregation.

The ideas in the leaflet are just simple ones to get you going. What will you do next? Don’t forget to share your ideas with us. #faithcreativity

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