Draughty church buildings and verbose preachers could become power banks for a net-zero future under an innovative scheme launched on Friday in a York Diocese parish.

Conservation of otherwise-wasted air pressure combined with creative recycling of church fabrics could enable electricity-generating turbines to continue operating during calm periods, the Ven Armitage Shanks will claim at Friday's 'Bio-Mass' celebration of all things environmental at St Ruth's, Porridge-cum-Overpan.

Archdeacon Shanks is advocating the adaptation of the many under-used cassocks, choir robes and albs commonly found hanging in vestries to capture and conserve the windy blasts of cold or hot air familiar to many church members as they blow under or round ill-fitting doors and windows, and occasionally from pulpits.

"Air pressure is the ultimate renewable energy source," comments the Archdeacon-Emeritus of Gridlington. "We in the church should celebrate our ability to generate it and capture it for future use, and give thanks that so many under-worn garments will convert so easily into storage vessels.

"Never let it be said that the Church lacks windbags."

  • Please note that a faculty will be required before installing a wind turbine within the church boundaries.