North Yorkshire film-maker and ordinand Oliver Murray won a ‘Panel Award’ award at the Sheffield Christian Film and Media Festival in October for his independently-produced short film ‘Cuthbert’, about the early English saint.

Oliver spoke at the Festival about the power of cinema to tell the Christian story in fresh ways, and ultimately to re-enchant audiences with the power of Christ's story.

“The film was a joy to make,” said Oliver. “It took a great deal of work as it was made entirely by myself, but I’m happy with the finished piece and have been very moved by the attention which the film has received online without any major promotion.”

“The film is missional, evangelistic (in rather a different way),” he adds.

The author of the blog says, “I’m fascinated by the saints local to my region, a time when the Celtic Christians and those from Rome were invited amongst the pagan Anglo-Saxons to show a violent warrior people The Way.”

Oliver's epic short film, shot over two days and edited over four months has been inspired by Saint Cuthbert's mystical story. It aims to depict the orthodox Christian vision afresh, touching upon the battles we all still face today.

“I’m fascinated by the early medieval era in the history of my island home,” adds Oliver. “A world of miracles and of enchantment, of living alongside nature rather than athwart to it, of Gandalf-like figures and of deeply symbolic stories. I’m unapologetic about that. I don’t think life is all about comfort.”

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