Selby Abbey is looking for relatives of people who received Maundy Money from HM The Queen on the 3rd April 1969, when she attended the Royal Maundy service at the Abbey that year as part of its 900th anniversary celebrations.

The Abbey will commemorate the Royal visit this year on Palm Sunday, the 14th April 2019, with a service at 6.30pm that will replicate the prayers and choral music used for the Royal Maundy 50 years ago.

The visit of HM The Queen and HRH The Duke of Edinburgh to Selby Abbey in 1969 was unusual in that the Royal Maundy service and distribution of Maundy Money to a selected list of recipients usually takes place at one of the Church of England’s cathedrals, whereas Selby Abbey is a (spectacular) Parish Church.

Those receiving the Maundy Money would have been nominated for long service to community and church; it is highly unlikely that any of the 1969 recipients would still be with us today.

Any relatives who are able to attend are invited to have their feet washed during the service as part of the symbolic washing of his followers’ feet by Jesus Christ at the meal on the night before he was put to death.

Vicar of Selby Abbey the Reverend Canon John Weetman said, “Many people in Selby still remember the Queen’s visit in 1969, and we’d like to celebrate those memories during the Abbey’s 950th anniversary year.

“We’d love to hear from anyone whose relatives were amongst the 43 women and 43 men who would have received the Maundy money, and we’ll invite them to experience the same music and worship that were used fifty years ago.”

Selby Abbey can be contacted at or 01757 703123; for more details of Holy Week and Easter services, and events celebrating the Abbey’s 950th anniversary see

The commemorative service at 6.30pm on Palm Sunday, 14th April, is open to the public and all are welcome to attend.