St Nicholas, Dunnington (near York), received an electronic contactless giving device last month as part of the Church of England’s ‘Digital Rollout’, programme, overseen in the Diocese of York by our own Generous Giving Team.

St Nicholas’ ‘CollecTin More’ has already proven to be eye-catching to worshippers and visitors alike.

Parish Treasurer Helen Pomfret explains, “Our talented Communications Officer Helen Cross has designed animated backgrounds for our campaigns containing images of our church and they really attract people’s attention to device’s screen.

“By setting the device up in ‘list of campaigns’ mode, we have enabled donors to choose whether they’d like to donate to our General Fund, our ‘Big Build’ campaign (to replace the roof and heating system) or our Harvest collection for York Food Bank. This is far more straightforward than in the past when we relied on slips of paper to designate the fund for donations. We are also able to collect Gift Aid information from donors which can increase the donation amount by 25%.

“For life events such as weddings, funerals and baptisms, we are giving families the opportunity to have a customised background on the screen with names and photos to add a personal touch to the collection.

“At Christmas we are planning to take the device to our ‘Carols on the Green’ service and we’re really hopeful that the back-lit screen will be just as attention-grabbing in the dark outdoors as it has been inside our church.

“So far, we have received £233 in donations this month which is 30% higher than the highest monthly total from our previous contactless device. The average gift amount is £6.58. We are well on our way to exceeding £1000 in contactless donations in this first year.”