The Church of England's 'Digital Rollout' of electronic contactless giving devices to churches across the Diocese of York reached the collection stage today (Wednesday 4th October) with successful applicants receiving their devices.

The Rollout, which started in July, is an initiative run by the C of E National Giving Team whereby 70 contactless devices are being given away for free to selected churches who are able to use them to collect gifts using credit cards. One of the first churches to collect their device from the Diocesan Office was St Nicholas Dunnington (pictured), who received a 'CollecTin More'.

Parish Treasurer Helen Pomfret said “This device will really help St Nicholas due to its versatility. We have many coffee mornings and other events in the church and Tower Room, and this device will allow people to make a financial gift to St Nicholas.”

Phil McBride, Generous Giving Officer for the Diocese of York added, “The scale of the rollout means that we have increased the number of churches in the Diocese of York who benefit from contactless giving to over 200, and we hope that in 2023, those churches will have collected over £300,000.

"Churches are struggling with the cost of living crisis, but it is heartening to see that they are moving with the times, and that people are still being incredibly generous with their gifts.”

In 2022, the average gift using a contactless device was three times higher than a cash donation (averaging £8.19 compared with under £3.00) and as more and more people tend to move away from using notes and coins.