Service and sacrifice is the theme of HOPE’s new magazine HOPE at Easter. The 28-page magazine is designed for churches to give-away door-to-door, with an invitation to Easter guest services. Just like Christmas HOPE, the magazine includes celebrity interviews, testimonies, competitions and prizes. The aim is to give churches a top quality talking point to build on the local connections made at Christmas with Christmas HOPE.

We have been thrilled to hear how churches have used the 500,000 copies of Christmas HOPE 2017, which HOPE published in partnership with Hope for Every Home. HOPE are grateful for the ministries and churches whose donations have made it possible for us to supply these for the cost of handling and delivery. HOPE is constantly trying to make it as easy as possible for local churches to make Jesus known.

HOPE at Easter will be available early in 2018 so churches can continue to reach out to their communities. Again we are partnering with ministries to keep costs down. To order your copies click here.

We invite donations to contribute to print and production costs via here, and ask churches to pay for handling and delivery. This is calculated by weight and varies depending on quantity.

For the best value (and to get as many copies into people’s hands as possible) order more than 250 copies, where handling and delivery works out as between just 1.4p and 3.7p a copy, depending on the quantity ordered. There are 250 copies in a box, or if you'd like fewer they will be available here.

If you require more than 30 boxes (7,500 magazines), please call our order office on 01903 263354.

This product will be available from late February. Any orders on the website are pre-orders only, and will be sent out when they become available.