Are you looking at setting up a lunch club, activity group or social fellowship in your parish? Do you have a core group of past members of the Armed Forces over the age of 65 or those who completed National Service? Is your parish in the Selby, Ryedale, Scarborough or Hambleton districts? If so, we may be able to support your project with funding.

Working with older veterans, Ex-Forces Support North Yorkshire provides a range of fully-funded practical, financial and customised support. Our person-centred support is geared at reducing loneliness and isolation, ensuring good health and wellbeing, and connecting veterans to their community. It is all fully-funded by the Aged Veterans Fund at the MoD, meaning it is a free service.

As part of this scheme we have access to grants that can provide funding to communities and groups. If you are interested in putting on some kind of event or series of events for the veterans or ex-National Service members in your area, we can help you.

For any ideas you might have or would like to explore further you are welcome to get in touch to discuss them. There is a very simple application process and groups can apply for amounts in the region of £500-£750, and no more than £1,000. Past grants have been awarded to tea dances, lunch groups, days out and transport costs.

Give us a call on 01904 704 177 to find out more about the support available or to register your interest in the grants available. You can also send us an email to if you would prefer.

Please feel free to share information about the project in your parish newsletters and pew sheets and if you would like leaflets or posters do get in touch.

Our official website can be found here.