In this miracle story of the Feeding of the Five Thousand, Jesus commands his disciples to distribute food amongst the large crowd which had gathered to hear him. The disciples were perplexed - five loaves and two fishes didn’t look like nearly enough - but in Jesus’ hands what looked like nothing was transformed into enough for everyone, and more!

For their Harvest Festival service the members of St Helen’s Church Skipwith decided that not only would they support their local foodbank by donations of food, but they would also donate their unwanted tools to Tools With a Mission (TWAM). TWAM is a Christian charity that collects unwanted usable tools, refurbishes them, sorts them into trade tool kits and sends them to the developing world for livelihood creation. This also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing waste and carbon emissions in the UK.

The congregation heard the gospel story, and then heard two modern day stories of lives transformed by seemingly insignificant gifts. In Uganda, a boy orphaned by war, living in a refugee camp and headed for a life of crime, heard about a training centre where he could learn carpentry. With tools supplied by TWAM he was able to learn a trade, provide for his family, and then go on to train other young men who were then enabled to support their families too. A young mother abandoned by her husband, given a sewing machine and trained to be a seamstress, was able to feed her children and even send them to school.

In a few months’ time these donated tools and sewing items will find their way to Africa. Whose lives will be changed by these seemingly small gifts?

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