Following the successful and moving Service of Thanksgiving for the Cleveland Ironstone Industry at St Helen's Parish Church on Sunday 6th July 2014, a local resident has donated a very special cross to St Helen's Parish Church in Carlin How.

While the cross is simply made of wood it is set into a stone; but this is no ordinary stone! This piece of stone is Cleveland Ironstone and is nothing less than a piece of Cleveland Ironstone mined at North Skelton Pit on the last day of production, the 17th January 1964 - some fifty years ago!

The Rector, Father Adam Gaunt said, "When I was presented with this cross, following the Service of Thanksgiving for the Cleveland Ironstone Industry, I was moved and touched. We have now placed the cross on the St George's Altar in St Helen’s Church for all to see and admire. The cross and its stone will be a constant reminder to us of the sacrifice and hard work of thousands of Cleveland Ironstone miners."

More information about the Ironstone Service on Sunday 6th July 2014 can be found here and here.