Ten more people have recently completed their training in York to be Recognised Parish Assistants and look forward to being commissioned for service in their churches.

One of the group, Malcolm Poole, a member of St Oswald’s Fulford wrote, “Last Sunday I stood with God and administered the chalice during Holy Communion. I was brought to tears by this act, so intimate, that I was sharing with God’s family whom I had grown to know and love. I knew that God had called me to serve this family. It crystallised my acceptance of God’s faith in me and that however lowly and sinful my beginnings, God accepted me and has chosen me to serve.

That service has been bolstered by the loving support, insightful instruction and fellowship that came with the RPA course, a fitting foundation for my journey in God, with God and through God and in his service."

Recognised Parish Assistants serve in their local context, in church, parish, chaplaincy and at work. Rooted locally, RPAs work with the support of their PCC and alongside other Christians. If you are interested in becoming a Recognised Parish Assistant and want to find out more contact York School of Ministry by email or calling 01904 699500.