Children’s workers in Middlesbrough and Mowbray deaneries are finding help through studying the Bible with York School of Ministry (YSOM).

Among our students in the Middlesbrough Hub are Elaine Curry (pictured) and Donneta Thomas.

Elaine’s Lay Ministry as a Recognised Parish Assistant (RPA) is leading the Starz Kids’ Club on Easterside estate in Middlesbrough as part of the church’s work there.

As well as building her knowledge of the Bible and theology on the course, learning to write essays and to support an argument with evidence helped Elaine to secure grant funding for Starz.

“Everything I learnt on the course last year made a difference to my grant application. I wrote from the heart but I also used facts and figures to back this up. More in depth than I would have written before – I think that’s what got us the grant,” said Elaine.

Donneta is Children’s and Families worker at All Saints, Northallerton. She is also an RPA Lay Minister and in her first year with YSOM. Asked how she’s using her learning from the course in her ministry, Donneta said, “Following the first assignment in which I compared accounts of the Birth of Jesus, I have been able to engage the Youth group in much deeper conversation. The transferable skills learned during this part of the course will help direct further reading for planning within Messy Church, Sunday school teachings and Youth group discussions.”

The module for next term in York, Middlesbrough and Beverley is Pastoral care, Ethics and Ministry, one night each week for twelve weeks. Contact or see or

Angela Bailey – Cleveland Archdeaconry Training Adviser