Angela Train, Manager and Trustee of Driffield Wolds Food Bank, writes:


We’ve been opened as a food bank Since 2013, serving not just Driffield but a huge part of East Yorkshire, from Pocklington to Bridlington, including Wetwang where [TV Weatherman] Paul Hudson is Mayor.

The building we’ve used is going to have much-needed building work and we were given formal notice to quit, which at present means CLOSING by the end of May.

We've searched the town for a suitable building with enough storage and access, but other than paying £18k a year which we would have no chance to raise each year, we have only identified one building we can purchase which would need work etc.

But it is £170k plus costs, so we need to raise £200,000 in the next couple of weeks or the food bank will be likely closed in May.

It will take a few months to do the legal side and obtain planning etc.

We hope that if we can secure the building we can ask the trades to help do a local 'DIY SOS' to sort the building.
We want to create a community hub; we work with about 12 different social services, and at Christmas had 80 families though in a week (our average is 20).

We have had both volunteers and clients come through near to or having tried to commit suicide, and they are now moving forward in their lives.

Social services are willing to work with us in running drop-ins and life skills etc.

Folk are waiting to start Baby Banks, uniform exchange, coats for kids etc.

All this is in jeopardy without premises.

We are holding a fundraiser hosted by Driffield Rugby Club on the 5th February, 7.00pm, to share what is happening with our community.