Among the many bishops taking part in our Come and See Mission (12-15 March), Bishop of Sheffield, Dr Pete Wilcox had brought a team of eight to the Deanery of Stokesley. John Carter caught up when, after school visits on Friday morning, they joined locals in Kirklevington for a Lent Lunch of soup, bread and cheese in the local village hall.

“Come and See – those words are taken from John’s Gospel where some of Jesus’ first disciples bring others to Christ saying ‘Come and See’.

“And I love that low-key way of giving people who would not normally come to church worship or regard themselves as practicing Christians that low-key invitation, to just come and see.

“Here in the Stokesley Deanery a whole weekend of activities has been arranged to blur the boundaries between those who are in church and those who are outside church, to give those who might never have thought of themselves as followers of Jesus a chance to encounter him through those who are already his followers.”