As we start September the online Parish Returns System for collecting 2018 numbers has come to its conclusion. Across the Diocese we achieved the following rates of submission, which are an excellent set of figures apart from the Annual Report & Accounts:

  • Online Statistics for Mission: over 92% with just 45 not submitting, the best ever.
  • Online Return of Parish Finance: over 82% with 104 not making a submission – the best since 2012.
  • Annual Report & Accounts (with examiner/auditor sign-off sheet): 85%, which is on a par with last year, but there are 74 outstanding when in past years we have been in single figures.

David Smallwood is a member of our Generous Giving Team (, who make good use of the statistics collected in their work of helping parishes achieve sustainable finances: “We’d like to thank all who have been involved in making the submissions; it’s been a fantastic response which lays down the challenge to do even better next year!

“We’re working on revising the Diocesan Annual Returns web page ( to make it easier to read and navigate, to give you all the information you will need to prepare for next year’s annual returns.

“We will let everyone know when that’s ready to go in a few weeks’ time.”