Delayed by the Coronavirus measures earlier in 2020, we were finally able to celebrate the ordination of new priests in a series of services around the Diocese over the third weekend in October.

Unable to be ordained in York Minster in June, the candidates have continued their ministry as Deacons until the autumn.

As Priests they will be able to carry out the full sacramental ministry of the church, including presiding at Holy Communion.

In a return to the practice of some years ago, each was ordained in the parish church where they serve as Curate, by the Suffragan Bishop who oversees the churches in their Archdeaconry.

Services took place from Bridlington Priory on Friday evening through to Hull St Cuthbert on Sunday evening, making for a weekend of great rejoicing in the Diocese of York as Archbishop Stephen was finally enthroned in York Minster as the 98th Archbishop of York on Sunday afternoon.

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