The team behind the successful yourcafe Community Café are bringing a pop-up café to St Lawrence Parish church in York on Wednesday 22nd August from 10am to 12pm.

There will also be a food stall at the pop-up café, and both the café and food stall will be pay-as-you-feel, where people can pay as much or as little for the food as they like (or even nothing at all). The food is sourced from suppliers across York, from major nationwide supermarkets to small independent establishments in the city centre. These suppliers donate excess food to yourcafe, rather than letting it going to waste.

The Revd James McDonald, parish priest for St Lawrence, said, “We’re delighted that yourcafe are bringing their pop-up café and food stall to St Lawrence. Everyone is invited to come along and meet new people who live near you. We hope that the pay-as-you-feel food stall will especially help people who are struggling to make ends meet in the summer holidays. Everyone is welcome to come along!”

Margaret Hattam, founder of yourcafe said, “These pop-up cafés are a great way for people to try something new in the summer holidays. We are taking tasty, fresh food that would otherwise be going to landfill, and making sure it goes to a good use instead. We hope that lots of people come to the pop-up café at St Lawrence – we don’t want to take any of the food home with us at the end of the morning!”

For more information visit the St Lawrence Church Facebook page.