Over a hundred people turned up to a Healing Service we held in Hunmanby during Archbishop Sentamu's Scarborough Deanery Mission in October 2017 - a number that took us a little by surprise.

This was such a positive event that we wanted to embrace the opportunity and continue to reach out into the community in this way.

The clergy in the Southern part of the Deanery (Filey, Hunmanby, Seamer, Eastfield) meet together regularly to support and pray for one another, and after the Archbishop's Mission we decided to try a series of joint healing services on the evening of the 5th Sundays in Spring, Summer and Autumn during 2018.

Starting in Hunmanby the service has rotated around the parishes, going on to Filey, Seamer and in March 2019 on to Eastfield. The local parish ‘hosts’ the service in a style most akin to that church, so that the nuance of the service is not always the same. Each time we ask someone to give their testimony and we have heard of some wonderful things that God has been doing in people’s lives including some amazing healing. A visiting speaker is invited, so far including Jonathon Couper, Francis Wainaina, and John Coles. Members of the churches' ‘healing teams’ play an important part, meeting before the service to pray and then working together in praying for those coming forward. At each service there has been between 75 and 90 people attending, many of whom are on the edges of church life, invited to come along by our regular members.

This is a collaborative 'Outreach Ministry' in the Deanery of both clergy and laity, and the positive outcome has been a growing sense of ministry together, seeing people healed and sharing in the joy of what God is doing in the area.

Nigel Chapman – Vicar of Filey

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