Rodney Troubridge is a churchwarden at St Denys York and works in St Paul’s Bookshop in Fossgate. He has put together some brief reviews of various books appropriate to the Lent season.

The Archbishop of Canterbury's Lent Book 2018: Say it to God by Luigi Gioia

'If we're honest, most of us would admit that prayer is not always easy...'. Written by the Benedictine Luigi Gioia; and what better time than Lent to read and learn about prayer, a bedrock of our faith.

Lent Talks: A collection of broadcasts

This could be the winner amongst the Lent books for 2018. It is six talks, originally broadcast on Radio 4, each by a different speaker, including Alexander McCall Smith, Ann Widdecombe and the Bishop of Leeds. The talks are short, pithy and to the point and there are also questions for reflection at the end of each talk.

Dust that Dreams of Glory by Michael Mayne

An unexpected joy for those of us who revere the books of Michael Mayne. Although he died in 2006 a number of his talks and sermons have been recently published. There can be few better companions for the Lent journey.

Songs of the Spirit by Megan Daffern

I'm liking this one...written by the Chaplain of an Oxbridge college, it is a day by day exploration of the Psalms, that indispensable treasure trove of spiritual wisdom. A pithy question is posed at the end of each exploration - 'do you have angry thoughts or feelings you can hand over to God?'

The Way of the Carmelites by James McCaffrey

A journey through Lent with the Carmelite saints including Teresa of Avila and John of the Cross; a book that invites us to learn about the Carmelite method of quiet contemplative prayer. Try something new!

The Word in the Wilderness by Malcolm Guite

If I was asked to choose between this and Janet Morley's similar book I would (of course), say buy both. Seriously, they are wonderful, enlightening books and you'll find will be used year after year.

The Art of Lent by Sister Wendy Beckett

Everyone remembers Sister Wendy and her career on television. In this enterprising bit of publishing SPCK have put together in a handy format a classic painting a day from Ash Wednesday to Easter and her short commentary on it.

Keeping Lent and Easter by Leigh Hatts

No one is claiming this as a book for spiritual or liturgical advice...but it is packed with interesting information and a useful guide for the 'why' of Lent and a reminder of it's value in popular religious life.

The Heart's Time by Janet Morley

If you like poetry, please buy this wonderful book. A poem for each day of Lent and a challenging question at the end. I can only quote from the back of the book: 'packed with riches yet highly accessible'.

Glimpses of Glory by David Bryant

Okay, I admit, this is last year's Mowbray Lent Book - but within its covers I've found more honest truth and wisdom than in any number of Christian books. The author died shortly after completing this book. It is a fine memorial.

The Return of the Prodigal Son by Henri J. M. Nouwen

Well, there has to be one golden oldie and here it is - but if you have not read it... Inspired by Rembrandt's great painting in the Hermitage Museum Nouwen wrote one of the great humane Christian classics of our time.

These short reviews are by the reviewer and do not necessarily represent the views of the Diocese of York but we hope you find them helpful in selecting your Lent reading.