South Holderness Deanery Priest Philip West writes:

Seventy church members and supporters from across South Holderness Deanery felt their hard work was rewarded when 220 people turned up at Easington on a cold but fine windless 21st December night to watch the Christmas story narrated and mimed, and to sing familiar carols.

Bugle the donkey from further up the coast in Garton, and from Easington Sooty and Cinders the sheep, and Max, Dan and Matrix the splendid horses helped give a realistic feel, as did the joyfully worshipful dancing angels and terrified shepherds, with Mary and Joseph duly reminding us of the power of obedience to the call of God.

The uplifting ethos of the night was captured by the skilful BBC 'Look North' cameraman and reporter who left saying there should be more faith stories on TV.

But perhaps the best moment, as always when this play is performed, was the deep sense of prayerful silence that descended when we invited the audience to pause in prayer.

It was an evening where people from the village community and from the church Deanery community had worked together to challenge the prevailing cold wind of Covid pessimism with the warm optimism of the greatest news on earth, and won!

Photos: Mary is courtesy of Michelle Atkinson, shepherds courtesy of Ray Duffill, horses and final scene courtesy of Bruce Rollinson/Yorkshire Post.