Keen cyclist Keith Lambeth was given two bikes last year, and since he didn’t need them he renovated them and gave them to the Selby & District Foodbank to see if they would be any use as Christmas presents.

The foodbank was thrilled and the bikes went to two families in need; one enabled someone to take a job that he’d have been unable to reach without the bike.

This gave Keith and his wife, the Revd Dotty Lambeth of Derwent Deanery, the idea of organising a deanery-wide toy collection for all the children out there who wouldn’t be receiving presents at Christmas.

Their efforts were boosted by £120-worth of toys given by bikers at their annual service in Hemingbrough Memorial Garden.

Dotty and Keith were delighted with their collection of toys, and presented them to Selby & District Foodbank’s Deputy Manager and Trustee Nigel Currey.

Nigel wrote to Dotty to thank everyone involved:

“We have an increasing number of families using Foodbank during December and our volunteers love being able to share the generosity of those who give the ‘extras’ particularly at this time of year.
“Sadly the use of Foodbank has increased 300% since last year, due substantially to a mixture of a low wage economy locally, zero hours contracts and Universal Credit, which despite assurances to the contrary, seems largely unfixed.
“In response to this need however, people like you have helped our wonderful band of volunteers to meet all the demands that have been placed upon us. We have been magnificently supported both with donations and financially during the year.
“I hope that as you celebrate Christmas, you will have a happy and peaceful time with family and friends. You may also at some point want to think of the local families who will be having a better Christmas than they anticipated, through your generosity.”

Nigel Currey, Selby & District Foodbank Deputy Manager and Trustee