This week Tracy shares her faith story, and describes how she wants to share with others the gift of faith, hope and peace that she has received.


Tracy's Story

My name is Tracy and I’m from Middlesbrough, where I work in a local shop. I am engaged and it was my partner, who went to church regularly, who first invited me to a church service when we met in 2016. I felt so much love and peace wash over me when I went to church that I continued to attend worship. I can only describe it as a hunger to know God and learn more.

I was confirmed in 2017 and my faith keeps growing. I started to serve as a welcomer at church, I especially I wanted new people to feel welcome. I also got involved in Open the Book, bringing bible stories alive in schools, and more recently, I started to help with Godly Play on Sundays.

When I heard about Mustard Seed and prayed on it, I knew it was right for me to grow in my spiritual life and learn more. I am a shy person, but faith has given me strength and hope in all my challenging times. My faith has been a comfort in my grief, and given me hope through health worries.

I want to share my faith with others and give them the gift that I received when I first came to church, a sense of peace, hope and a church family.


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