Momentum is growing for fulfilling the Diocese’s Goal of ‘Reaching those we currently don’t’.

We are seeking substantial funding from the Church Commissioners to enable us to ‘Reach 20s – 40s’ and our final Bid was submitted on Friday 2nd November; we should know the outcome in early December.

Progress has also been made in appointing a 20s – 40s Team Leader, the Revd John Lee, who will be responsible for day-to-day oversight of the work and will lead a team of 13 full-time 20s – 40s Ministers, placed strategically across the Diocese of York.

John is currently Rector of St Paul's, York, Priest-in-Charge of St Barnabas, York, and Area Dean of York.

He will be joined by Dr Ben Walker as Associate Team Leader, who will oversee the ‘Growth Fund’ making grants possible to enable lay people to lead the creation of New Worshipping Communities.

The new team will be the driving force to build momentum for the goal of 'Reaching those we currently don't', identified as part of the Diocese's strategy development process.

In addition to the new ministers and the Growth Fund, the diocesan approach to reaching 20s – 40s includes the establishment of St Michael-le-Belfrey in York as a Resource Church, and the launch of a web-based Toolbox of resources.

A renewed envisioning and equipping of churches is expected to lead to a ‘ripple effect’ across the diocese through developing insights and growth in confidence about how to reach 20s – 40s and build them up as disciples. It is intended that church planting and replication of effective practice should be established as a norm across the diocese.