Graham Andrews steps down from his post as Diocesan Surveyor on the 21st December after fourteen years to take up a new role with Connells Survey & Valuation.

He was appointed in 2004 as the first ‘in-house’ surveyor with responsibility for the management and maintenance of our clergy housing and the other property held by the Board of Finance on behalf of the Diocese.

Graham has also overseen the care and maintenance of Wydale Hall, including the improvement of the worship and conference spaces and new heating systems, as well as the development of the Westway Open Arms project in Eastfield.

“Managing the clergy housing stock is a task of overseeing continual repair and improvements to the properties,” says Graham, “alongside new acquisitions, property disposals and the commissioning of new housing.”

He sees new purpose-built housing at Helmsley, Skirlaugh and the Bishop of Hull’s house as particular milestones during his time at the Diocese.

Graham adds, “Building relationships with our clergy and their families has been a particular joy and privilege during my time as Diocesan Surveyor.

“The overall improvement of the condition of our housing and the amenity it provides to support our clergy in their day-to-day ministry is a tangible legacy of the last fourteen years.

“This improvement has been made possible by the generosity of our parishioners contributing to our diocesan Common Fund which provides our maintenance budgets.

“Amongst the daily challenges it’s been great fun working with my colleagues Lisa Whitley, Bevil Edwards and Becca West, and the contribution of former team members Brian Longbone, Linda Crackles and Peter Aldridge (who have all retired) has been immeasurable over the years.

“I leave many friends across the diocese and for your friendship and support over the years, thank you.”