Lay leaders in Hedon Benefice, South Holderness, are launching a new 'Christian basics’ course for spiritual seekers.

Despite having no vicar at present, a small group from the churches in Hedon, Paull, Preston and Sproatley, are taking up the challenge to run a six-week Start! Course in April.

Organiser Dorothy Winter (pictured), churchwarden at St Augustine’s Church, Hedon, said the course was the culmination of encouragement from Archbishop Sentamu for them to find ways to share their faith, inspiration from the LYCIG (Leading Your Church Into Growth) conference and the new Deanery focus on the five marks of mission.

“People live such busy lives these days,” Dorothy said.

“We wanted to create some space with this course for them to explore faith in a relaxed and informal way. We’re really excited about it!”

The Revd Susan Walker, Area Dean of South Holderness, said: “These are challenging but exciting times for our deaneries.

“This new course at Hedon Benefice shows that sharing the Good News of Jesus is not just a job for the clergy. Our prayer is that many more people will take up the challenge and find appropriate ways to help their friends and neighbours to explore the Christian faith. It doesn’t have to be embarrassing or scary. There’s a real buzz in our Deanery - we are going for it!”

The Revd Matt Woodcock, the Diocese’s new mission enabler, who co-created the revamped Start! materials with LYCIG leader the Revd Robin Gamble, will launch the course at St Augustine’s at their Sunday service on February 25th at 11.00am. He will meet lay leaders informally afterwards to discuss how best to invite their friends and warm contacts.

“This is a really important example of a church and wider deanery being willing to step out in faith and offer an opportunity for people to explore faith - despite it being a challenging time. It would be brilliant if every church in our diocese offered a Christian inquirers’ course this year. They don’t have to be elaborate or complicated. There are people all over our parishes who are spiritually seeking. Our job is to offer a simple invitation to help them do that.”

The course kicks off in Preston community hall on Monday, April 16th at 7.30pm.

Anyone wishing to attend should contact Dorothy on 01482 899925.

  • If you would like information about running a Christian basics course or support in mission and evangelism, contact Matt at