Jodie is a local mum who calls St John’s Rosmead Street in Hull her ‘home’, a church where she feels loved and a place to grow and flourish. St John’s is a wonderful hub in the community with a large welcoming community space where Food Pantry and a wide range of activities happen each week.

There is a beautiful outdoor space to relax, for children to play and people to enjoy gardening together.

Jodie completed Mustard Seed's 'Stepping Up' at Easter 2022 and has now been commissioned as a Community Minister working with local families within the parish. She started ‘Stay and Play', a weekly tots' group around three years ago, and since it has re-opened after lockdown it has gone from strength to strength. The aim of the group is to encourage parents to interact with their children in a safe and supportive environment. This is having a positive effect on the wellbeing of the children and encouraging families to engage in other church activities.

WOW (Worship on Wednesdays) is a new family worship service after school, where families can worship, pray and grow in faith together and enjoy a shared meal. Jodie was commissioned into her new role at WOW; it was wonderful to see parents and children praying for her and offering their encouragement and support. Jodie works with Cathy in leading WOW, and her enthusiasm shines through as she encourages families to join in worship and learn from the bible through drama and creative activities.

Jodie is starting a new support group with five or six mums to meet together for mutual support, and the opportunity to learn about faith and discipleship. Jodie is hoping to support the mums in their growth within the church and their faith, and through the support group to help them overcome their fears and worries about being parents to children of all ages and abilities.

As a mum of three children, Jodie knows first-hand how challenging it can be to bring up a family on your own, with limited resources. She says, "With my experience as a mum and my background in faith I am looking forward to sharing our journey together and helping them believe that they are all incredible children of God."

Mustard Seed