The Diocese of York’s Retreat House, Wydale Hall, has published its 2024 programme, shaped around the diocesan Rhythm of Life.

Wydale Hall has been the diocesan retreat house since the early 1960s, and is considered a home-from-home to hundreds of people who come to Wydale to train, learn, relax, retreat, laugh, cry and hear God. Wydale hosts about 10,000 people a year for residentials and day events, and is a core of our diocese as a prayerful community renewing the church's mission.

Each year, Wydale offers a rich programme, and the newly published programme for 2024 reflects the diocesan Rhythm of Life. Underpinned by the diocesan vision of Living Christ’s Story, the programme follows this pattern of holy living through events are designed to help with understanding the bible better, with worship, with prayer and with learning how to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ. Most events are day-long teaching, retreat and quiet days, whilst some events are residential.

Wydale’s General Manager Mark Rance comments,

“Wydale is often described as a 'thin' place. We think what this means is that at Wydale people find a place where they feel closer to God, and where the separation between God and us seems less - perhaps some of this is to do with the fact that on coming to Wydale people are committing to moving out of their normal lives for a few hours, committing to spending time seeking God, to growing with him.

“Wydale has been a holy place for most of its 240+ years makes it important to people - there has been prayer and worship here for many years and we hope it shows.“

Mark continues,

“We at Wydale are excited by the variety of events we're able to offer in 2024, and we're excited that there are practical ways in which people can explore what it means to be community - in the wider sense and closer to home with the Wydale community.

“We're also excited that this year's beautifully presented programme of events also includes some interesting articles on the history of Wydale, its community, how Wydale is part of the Diocesan vision, and even something from a Bishop about the practice of retreating!”

Sammi Tooze, Diocesan Discipleship Adviser comments,

“It’s really encouraging that Wydale are offering a programme which helps to more deeply embed us all in a Rhythm of Life.

“I’m really looking forward to the fruitfulness of this programme and endorse it wholeheartedly, and hope that we will all engage with it in helping us to grow in missional discipleship and in becoming more like Christ.”

You can explore the 2024 programme on Wydale's website. Places can be booked for events by completing booking forms on the Wydale website, or by phoning 01723 859270.

We'd love to encourage people to get a real paper copy of the programme in their hands - and also to volunteer to distribute programmes around their churches. We have lots!