Where will they be?

13 locations have been identified to base 14 full-time 20s-40s ministers for the specific purpose of working to launch new worshipping communities particularly amongst those aged in their 20s-40s across the Diocese of York.

The locations are:

  • St Thomas, Middlesbrough
    (Brambles Farm & Thorntree Estates)
  • St Cuthbert’s, Marton-in-Cleveland
  • St Mary’s, Thirsk
  • St Francis, Ingleby Barwick
  • All Saints, Northallerton
  • St Barnabas, York
  • St Mary’s, Malton
  • St Mary’s, Scarborough
  • St Wilfrid’s, Brayton & St Francis, Thorpe Willoughby
  • Christ Church, Bridlington
  • Beverley Minster
  • Drypool Team Ministry, Hull
  • St Nicholas, Hull

Part of our Strategy

The 14 ministers will be appointed as part of the Diocese of York’s strategy to become Generous Churches Growing and Nurturing Disciples by working towards the goals of Reaching those we currently don’t – including those aged from their 20s to their 40s and People in Poverty; Growing in discipleship, partnership, influence and numbers; and achieving Sustainable finances to enable mission into the future.

How were the places chosen?

The locations have been selected according to criteria set down by the Church Commissioners (who will be funding the new posts) and the Diocese. The selection process took account of demographic statistical analysis and comments from Bishops and Archdeacons in each locality, and the need to convince the Church Commissioners that their Strategic Development Funding will be used in a wise and targeted way. In view of our parallel commitment to reaching people in poverty, there was an intentional decision to look for places in the top 10% of most deprived parishes nationally.

The locations were selected to reflect a variety of church traditions, different communities and social conditions, and a geographic spread across the Diocese with the added intention of encouraging a ‘ripple effect’ amongst other churches and deaneries. The diocese is keen to learn from those places that are already reaching 20s-40s but the use of the Commissioners funding is to enable ‘new’ initiatives and not to ‘deepen’ existing work or projects. The diocese has successfully got through the first stage for gaining SDF funding but is still dependent on our ‘Stage 2 Bid’ being successful in December.

A 'Ripple Effect'

In addition to their focus on the new worshipping community to be planted where they are located, the 14 ministers will offer encouragement to other churches, especially but not only in their own deanery, as they too seek to reach people in their 20s to 40s.

Rooted in a process of prayer, listening and discernment, the new ministers will aim to build teams to share in the task of gathering and building up Christian Community in their setting. Through life-enhancing relationships they will express the Gospel through actions and words, ensuring that the emerging community includes a commitment to plant further congregations and/or share significant resources within five to seven years.

A 'Toolbox'

They will contribute to an online ‘Diocesan Toolbox’ of resources to encourage and equip other churches in their own initiatives, and participate in a developing network co-ordinated by the Diocesan 20s-40s Team Leader, the Revd John Lee.

It is hoped that many of the parishes, benefices or deaneries in the Diocese will benefit from the new resources available to enable them to reach 20s-40s and during 2019 to a separate Fund will be created to enable part-time employment of 20s-40s focused lay ministers.

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