Churches in the Diocese of York are focussing on growing in five areas:

  • Christ-likeness
  • Commitment
  • Partnership
  • Influence
  • Numbers

If you want your church to grow, the first step is to think about these Five Marks of Growing, and ask:

  • What positive signs of these Five Marks can we see in our parish, benefice and deanery?
  • How are others in the diocesan family helping growth to happen where we are?
  • How are we helping growth to happen elsewhere in the diocese or in the Body of Christ further afield?

At the bottom of the page you can download a grid in which your church can make notes on how it is growing in these five areas. Part of being a generous church is working together with others, so there is also space to make notes on how you support churches, schools or Christian organisations in these areas, and how working with other churches, schools or Christian organisations enables your church to grow.

On the back of this resource is a grid filled with ideas from churches across the Diocese, and how they engage with growth in commitment, partnership, influence and numbers. This grid may help your church or PCC look at your own activities, and prompt thought or inspire you to action.

Very few churches could fill in all fifteen boxes – don’t worry if you can’t! But your church should be able to think of your own examples of growth in at least one or two of the categories.

Once you’ve filled in as much of the grid as you can, your church or PCC could start looking at the empty boxes. How could you fill these in? Would working closer with neighbouring churches make your mission more effective? How is your church part of the Body of Christ at benefice, deanery and Diocesan level? Where does your church put its resources – whether its money, volunteering, resources, prayer – does this reflect the shared mission of the Diocese?