Bells and bell-ringing

The Church of England website has a wealth of information about looking after your church bells - how to record them and assess their significance, how to look after them, the permissions you will need before carrying out any maintenance or repairs on them, and how to deal with complaints about noise. You can find their guidance HERE

The Central Council of Church Bell Ringers (CCCBR) has published new guidance on Belfry Upkeep, intended for the person responsible for the care and maintenance of belfry installations. The online format of Belfry Upkeep enables the CCCBR to keep this guidance up to date. You can access Belfry Upkeep HERE

You will find a helpful guide (below) as to the permission you will need for work to your bell installation - List A (no permission required), List B (the Archdeacon's written approval is required) or Faculty (a faculty petition must be submitted for consideration by the full Committee and the Chancellor).

A bells maintenance schedule is also provided (below) to help you keep track of what checks should be made and what tasks should be carried out at particular intervals.


The Church of England advice and guidance on how to look after your Tower clock is HERE

Below you will find 'The Turret Clock Keeper's Handbook', published by the Antiquarian Horological Society and when you are ready to have work carried out on your tower clock, you will find the Clock Checklist (below), compiled by the DAC's Bells and Clocks Adviser, a very useful guide as to the information you should look for in your contractor's quotation.

If you require the assistance of the DAC's Bells and Clocks Adviser, John Arthur, please contact the DAC Secretary, Catherine Copp (01904 699522 or