Whenever you are considering any works which require a faculty or the formal advice of the DAC, please plan ahead and allow sufficient time for the application process to be fully completed well in advance of any anticipated starting date for the works. Only genuine emergency works (i.e. damage causing significant ingress of water, structural instability or threat of physical injury) or additional information concerning applications already submitted for consideration by the Committee, can be considered if received late. In case of genuine emergency, please consult either the Diocesan Registrar, the DAC Secretary or your Archdeacon for advice as to the procedure to be followed to obtain an Interim Faculty (an "emergency" faculty), and see the Chancellor's Practice Direction on our Forms and Guidance Notes page.

Please remember that any change of Inspecting Architect must be submitted for approval by the DAC.

2024 Dates

If you are in need of assistance with your Faculty application, or have any queries, please contact the DAC Secretary, Catherine Copp. Tel: 01904 699522. Email: catherine.copp@yorkdiocese.org.

Redacted minutes from DAC meetings