The Faculty Jurisdiction Rules are a single, comprehensive set of rules governing the faculty system nationwide and setting out those works which can be undertaken:

List A and List B matters are generally items of maintenance, minor repairs, and some works to trees and bells. However, certain specific conditions must still be complied with to ensure best practice and high quality, and permission given by List A, List B or Faculty does not remove the need to consider any additional planning requirements which may be appropriate in some circumstances (eg Tree Preservation Orders, planning permission). So, to decide which applies to the works you are planning to carry out at your church, follow this 3-step process:

Step 1: Look carefully at List A. If the works you propose match exactly with a List A item, then you do not need any formal consent to carry them out (but take note of any specified conditions). If they do not, then...

Step 2: Look carefully at List B. If the works you propose match exactly with a List B item, or if they fall within the scope of the Additional Matters Order made by the Chancellor (see below) then you will need written approval from your Archdeacon to carry them out (subject to any conditions which are specified, or imposed by your Archdeacon). If they do not, then...

Step 3: Works which are outside the scope of List A or List B need a Faculty; see the Faculty Flowchart below for an overview of the process.

The Chancellor may authorise urgent works on the authority of an Interim Faculty; see the Practice Direction below.

Use of the online faculty system is compulsory; paper submissions are no longer accepted. If you have not already done so, your PCC should nominate someone who can register as an Applicant to use the system and submit applications on their behalf. Click here for Online Faculty System.

The guidance provided within the system (under the 'Help' tab) is comprehensive - the manuals contain clear instructions and screenshots, and the system is quite intuitive - but anyone experiencing difficulty should contact the DAC Secretary, Catherine Copp, on 01904 699522 (or email: You will find it helpful to watch the videos in the 'Using the Online Faculty System - A visual guide' section.

If your application includes works to lighting, power or heating, please make sure that your contractor completes the Electrical Declaration form (below) and that you include the completed form with your List B or faculty application.

If you need advice on a major project affecting your building, particularly if it is Listed, please contact the Church Buildings Adviser, Keith Halliday (

[Page updated: 1st March 2023]


A series of short videos (on YouTube) showing you how to access and use the Church of England's Online Faculty System, updated July 2022. To view the videos, click on the titles below:

Part 1: How to Register (5 mins)

Part 2: Getting Started (6 mins)

Part 3: List A Notification (5 mins)

Part 4: List B Application (9 mins)

Part 5: Faculty Petition - Start (8 mins)

Part 6: Statements of Significance and Needs (10 mins)

Part 7: Consultation (13 mins)

Part 8: Notification of Advice (6 mins)

Part 9: Public Notices (5 mins)

Part 10: Practical Completion (7 mins)

Part 11: Temporary Minor Re-ordering (TMRO) Licence (6 mins)

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