Solar PV Panels

Please see the comprehensive guidance notes (below) issued by the CBC in August 2021. But also note that:

- The CBC guidance says that faculty permission is needed in every case; however, from 1st July 2022 the installation of photovoltaic panels on a church which is not a listed building or in a conservation area has been brought within the scope of List B - item B1(20).

- In March 2023 the CBC updated its Policy and Precedents note to reflect development in policy over solar PV. The note indicates that:

  • The CBC supports the use of solar panels on churches. Its wider guidance is available HERE
  • The CBC will take account of the carbon payback time when it considers proposals for solar PV. This means that the solar PV should save more in carbon during its warranted lifetime that the carbon produced to manufacture and install it.
  • The CBC will not normally support ground mounted solar panels as the panels and associated cables are attractive for theft; in some graveyards ground mounted panels could be too visually dominant.

[Page updated 24th January 2024]