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If you are interested in joining us to help take care of our wonderful buildings so their full potential for advancing mission can be realised, please contact the DAC Secretary, Catherine Copp (

Committee members meet clergy, churchwardens, donors or other interested parties in an informal way to discuss impending projects. The Church Buildings Adviser and other specialist advisers are also available to offer a considerable amount of free, expert advice to parishes on a wide range of matters to do with church buildings, the care, conservation, repair or re-ordering of their contents and the commissioning of new work in all media. Early consultation with the Committee or its advisers can often ensure the smooth passage of a submission when it comes formally before the full Committee. Both the Chancellor and the Archdeacons require the Committee’s advice on all submissions before they will issue a faculty or give written approval.

Guidance Notes are also regularly issued or up-dated in response to changes to the law or matters of widespread concern to those responsible for the care of churches and churchyards. The Committee also administers the system of architects approved to carry out Quinquennial Inspections within the Diocese, and approves their appointment at the request of Parochial Church Councils. In addition it monitors, and through the Secretary is occasionally asked to recommend, applications for grant-aid to churches.

Keith Halliday is also available to give advice on preparing the Statement of Significance and Statement of Need which need to be submitted when the works or proposals involve making a significant change to a listed church.

The Committee is made up of the following people:

The committee has a number of co-opted expert Advisers in highly specialised fields:

If you are in need of assistance with your Faculty application, or have any queries, please contact the DAC Secretary, Catherine Copp. Tel: 01904 699522. Email:

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