Clergy Training Webinar

This webinar 'Faculties and the Online Faculty System' was presented on 26th May 2022. It has been recorded as a YouTube video and you can watch it here: Clergy Training Webinar No. 1 (31 mins).

The webinar is intended to inform -

  • those who attend the 'new to the Diocese' induction days, as a piece of developmental learning, and
  • those who would have been part of the old 'Fit for Post' programme but who will now be part of the five year post diaconal ordination development programme, but also
  • anyone else who feels that they would value some top-up learning.

Using the Online Faculty System - A Visual Guide

A series of short videos (on YouTube) showing you how to access and use the Church of England's Online Faculty System. To view the videos, click on the titles below:

Part 1: How to Register (5 mins)

Part 2: Getting Started (5 mins)

Part 3: List A Notification (5 mins)

Part 4: List B Application (10 mins)

Part 5: Faculty Petition - Start (10 mins)

Part 6: Statements of Significance and Needs (10 mins)

Part 7: Consultation (13 mins)

Part 8: Notification of Advice (6 mins)

Part 9: Public Notices (5 mins)

Part 10: Practical Completion (7 mins)

Part 11: Temporary Minor Re-ordering (TMRO) Licence (6 mins)