The new ACNY means churches have more control over their profile. The vicar of each church can now approve up to five people to edit each profile. Remember, you only need to register for an account if you're responsible for editing a church's profile.

ACNY is now managed nationally and therefore the Diocese of York Communications Team has no editorial access to your church and is unable to make amendments; if you need to contact the national ACNY team you can SUBMIT A REQUEST here.

Recent Developments

During 2018 the national ACNY team has continued to develop A Church Near You, to make it simpler for you as editors to make changes, and to improve the experience of the thousands of people who are searching for a Church of England church. All of these developments have been based on your feedback. Do contact the national ACNY team if you have any comments on questions about A Church Near You.

How do I become an approved editor of a church?

You can now have up to five editors per church and each editor can edit unlimited churches. Each editor will need to create an account and then request to edit each church. Their request to edit the church will need to go through one of the standard approval processes.

How do I redirect my church's domain name to ACNY?

One of the new features of the ACNY site is that you can now point or web forward your church website address to your AChurchNearYou page. This is known as redirecting your domain.

It is free to use A Church Near You for your website and we won't ever charge you for this service.

How do I raise support issues?

If you have a question, please go to the ACNY FAQs page and follow the instructions.

As with any busy website, it’s possible that an odd bug may creep into the system. Do use the details above to help flag them.