Who is your your magazine or newsletter for?

Can you use your magazine to reach out to people who don’t regularly go to church? If so, can you make it welcoming, easy to understand, and use it to invite people to services and events?

Magazines and newsletters are a great place to share information for the congregation – what the week’s readings are, who is acting as sidesperson or reader – but most of this information is irrelevant to people who don’t come to church. Could this be put at the back and messages for the more casual reader at the front?

Can you make the magazine or newsletter free of charge, either via advertising or by subsidising it? This will mean that more people are likely to read it.

Can you distribute the magazine or newsletter in every home in your parish? If not, could you ask congregation members to take a handful and share them on their street? Again, the more people who read it, the more will hear the message of God’s love and the church’s welcome.

A good tip for all communication is to ask a friend or relative who doesn't go to church to read the magazine or newsletter. What impression does it give them of your church? Are there words or concepts that could be made simpler to understand?

Available to download below is a photographic policy for taking pictures of children and vulnerable adults for your magazine or newsletter.

If you need any advice or help, please contact the Diocesan Communications Team on 01904 699530 or comms@yorkdiocese.org.