What is the secret of your strength? Spinach (Popeye), long hair (Samson), visits to the gym? Could it be prayer and worship, or is that just a pious cliché?

We often feel rather feeble, more aware of weakness than strength; life is full on, we are a bit off colour and we worry that other people are doing better than us.

Isaiah says the Lord God is our strength and song, so the question is how can we draw on that? Prayer is not a solo performance with heavenly marks out of 10. It is the connection of love in response to an invitation. Sometimes it is very personal, unseen in our own space. Even there though, we belong to the immeasurable community of those who love the Lord and long to love him more.

I believe this is the core of all we are and all we are doing as a Diocese, and so calls us to give our best attention rather than just letting our prayer and worship jog on. After all, we are connecting with the source of life and love. St Paul prays for the Ephesians and for us that we ‘may be strengthened in your inner being with power through his Spirit and that he may dwell in your hearts through faith as you are being rooted and grounded in love’.

The multiplicity of things on our ‘to do’ lists easily sap strength. The reality is that it will need our energy to go on growing in the adventure of prayer and worship; refreshing, experimenting, going deeper, giving of our best to the One who gives us everything.

Maybe it is time for a conversation, to have a look at how this central dynamic of our life is growing.

I believe that every human being is made to connect with God or Creator and loving Redeemer. The challenge for us where we are is how we make that imaginable and possible for those who haven’t yet found this deepest source of strength and belonging.

+ Alison Hullen